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In December 1998, and then acquired the Swallow Huaren Yi pharmaceutical factory has 30-year history, the imperial doctor who began the difficult process of rebuilding. Imperial entrepreneurs have launched a self-help to restore the profit topical preparation production and biotech companies health food processing, adoption and Qingdao Tumor Hospital, has developed inhibit tumor hospital preparation, and through clinical acquired independent operation liquidity, just two years to lead the company out of the vicious cycle of successive years of losses. In the difficult start-up process, the company from top to bottom united as one, forming a diligence dedicated, efficient and pragmatic style outstanding, enterprise development precious spiritual wealth. We trained a play Ganpin workforce as the biggest guarantee sustainable development of enterprises.

In order to meet the needs of rapid development of enterprises, the construction company of Production, has built a topical preparation workshop meet the GMP requirements, generic drugs preparation workshop, oral liquid workshop, solid preparation workshop and Chinese medicine extraction, the formation of a sound quality management system.

In 2006, the company leading entrepreneur vision, size up the situation, decisive introduction of the completed clinical study of Chinese traditional medicine Pu Yuan and stomach capsules. In 2009, Pu Yuan and stomach capsule through the gradual review of new drug certificate. After 40 years of wind and rain tempered, Wah Yan medicine finally ushered in the imperial independent intellectual property rights of innovative products - Pu Yuan and stomach capsule, which really have a solid foundation for rapid takeoff.

Huaren Pharmaceutical imperial several well-known universities, research institutes to establish a long-term and stable relationship of technical cooperation. Now developed into a topical solution, paste ointment, tablets, capsules, granules, ophthalmic preparations, nasal preparations, ointments, oral agents and traditional Chinese medicine extraction solution for an integrated multi-dosage pharmaceutical enterprise development. Through a number of national drug GMP certification, and access to the project to support national science and technology enterprises Technology Innovation Fund. Huaren Pharmaceutical imperial consistent aim is to provide customers with quality products and quality service.

Development of Wah Yan imperial doctor of medicine, who is the imperial arduous pioneering, work and enterprising course, is a phoenix from the ashes of transformation.


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