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In the low-profile world of Butterfly


This is an economic globalization, networking, information technology era of knowledge economy.

Change and breakthrough, integration and innovation, so that the times have changed the impetuous, restless and noisy, speed, and make the world a hurricane changed so rapidly, and low-key, restrained seems out of tune with the spirit of the times. But low-key person more likely to focus on content, accustomed to detail, focus on effectiveness; introverted person does not Jiaokuang arbitrary, highlight the atmosphere in subtle and transcendent, whereas imperial Huaren Pharmaceutical is in such a low-key and restrained world, He completed a stunning Butterfly again.

Wah Yan imperial medicine has been adhering to the "benevolent love, drug benefits world" business philosophy, to promote the development of Chinese medicine in China as its mission to improve people's health level as the goal, to product innovation, capacity upgrades, business transformation and branding wheel drive as the core, committed to the development of the pharmaceutical industry to become China's modernization, standardization and internationalization of the explorers and practitioners.

Through nearly four decades of hard work and development, the company has invested nearly 400 million yuan, in Licang District, Qingdao High-tech Zone and Zhangjiagang City Fenghuang Town has established three major research and production base, with the production of solutions, tablets and capsules as well as more than twenty formulations of traditional Chinese medicine extracted as the overall production capacity of more than one dosage form development, with dozens of national GMP standards, the US FDA standards of world-class production lines, production and operation of Chinese Drug Po has independent intellectual property rights yuan and more than one hundred varieties of stomach medicine capsules, cardiac tonic tablets, capsules, etc. Penyan net can be an annual output of 2 billion tablets, capsules 2 billion, granules 20 million bags, and other various forms of products, annual output value more than 2 billion yuan.

Upgrade to establish production capacity and product group for the business transformation to provide a solid foundation and conditions for the gradual formation of clinical, OTC, generic drugs the whole value chain of marketing of the three modes, for doctors, patients and partners with leading technology, superior quality, service comprehensive product guarantee and service support, the establishment of a nationwide hospital, drugstore chains and other marketing service network.

Low-key extension connotation, restrained bred arrogance. Wah Yan imperial doctor in medicine products, production, management and other core Butterfly, the brand development strategy also surfaced: signed the famous film star Jiang Shan as product spokesperson, and Phoenix TV, CCTV, Shandong Satellite TV, Qilu TV about ten media signed a strategic brand building partners were launched CCTV, network TV and other publicity, with national and local media platform combining network to promote and build three-dimensional, integrated brand marketing platform, and improve corporate and product brand image.

Leading the fashion simple, low-key achievement of the King, Wah Yan medicine imperial Butterfly continue to extend the road ......

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