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       heart strength   after strike stroke hair


    Zhunzi Z20050077




    Improve hypoxia tolerance


    Former reduce cardiac preload and afterload


    Fast-acting, long-term use


    Cardiac tonic, poisonous hairs spin Hanako glycosides K for comparative safety of the treatment of heart failure [6]






                     poisonous hairs spin Hanako glycosides K ( < / span> n = 5)                 


                     tonic cardiac                 


                     onset time                 


                     14.1 & plusmn; 2.4min                 


                     11.1 & plusmn; 2.6min                 


                     poisoning Time                 


                     17.6 & plusmn; 1.9min                 


                     91 & plusmn; 23min       no poisoning                 


                     toxic dose                 


                     0.260 & plusmn; 0.035mg / kg                 


                     8.20 & plusmn; 0.96g / kg Not poisoning                 


                     Death Time                 


                     25.4 & plusmn; 5.0min                 


                     91 & plusmn; 23min       no deaths                 


                     lethal dose                 


                     0.343 & plusmn; 0.580mg / kg                 


                     8.20 & plusmn; 0.96g / kg dead                 


                     treatment width                 


                     1.30 & plusmn; 0.34                 




                     therapeutic index                 


                     1.71 & plusmn; 0.47                 







    Chinese medicine believes that, palpitations, palpitation, edema, asthma symptoms, phlegm and other syndromes belong heart function decompensation syndrome - heart failure. Mainly by cardiac decompensation lead to heart Qi decline, meridians block, poor blood, Xie Jin water resistance, heart failure has raised, it is empty this is indeed its mark. TCM symptoms in most patients in line with the development of Qi and - Stasis - deficiency law, treatment principles should qi and yin, accompanied by stasis diuresis.




    Concise Prescribing Information


    Ingredients Ginseng, Astragalus, cortex periplocae, Salvia, Radix, Tinglizi.


    [Indications] Qi Yin, Blood and Water. For coronary heart disease, hypertensive heart disease due to chronic congestive heart failure (NYHA class II ~ Ⅲ), belong to Chinese medicine dialectics Qi and blood stasis water stop Permit. Zheng Jian palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, pale, sweating, dry mouth, edema, purple lips and so on.


    [Specification] each weighing 0.3 grams.


    Dosage oral. Once four, three times a day, two weeks for a course of treatment.


    [Storage] sealed, placed in the shade (no more than 20 ℃)


    [Packing] plastic packaging, each plate 18, pack of 2 plates.


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